Medical Assistant Training Program

The Medical Assistant Training Program is designed to teach students a  blend of didactic knowledge and procedural hands-on skills function in the medical front & back office  setting. Topics such as assisting with physical exams, injection administrations, basic laboratory skills, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, vital sign measurement, and medical terms are covered.

Who Should Take This Course

The Medical Assistant Training Program is suitable for high school graduates or individuals looking for a rewarding career in healthcare. It offers a quick pathway to becoming a medical assistant, combining administrative tasks and clinical skills. Good communication and basic medical knowledge are essential for success in this program

Can This Course Be Taken In Groups

Yes. We offer this course to groups who are interested in becoming medical assistant.

How Long Does it Take to Complete this Training Program

This training program can be taken and completed in 10 weeks at our Marietta learning center.

What's The Cost of This Course

Please contact us to inquire about prices and don't forget to ask about our tuition funding program. Call us at: (770) 844-5771

What does this course teach?

Frequently Asked Questions

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